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It’s time to rethink your organization!

Towards more agile, more committed, more responsible organizations

Traditional, pyramidal, hierarchical management is outdated. It is time to give way to “new generation” companies, focused on their raison d’être.

Carried away by the digital wave, companies are faced with unprecedented challenges of adaptation: how to put meaning back into action? How to integrate the collective into the decision-making process? How can we release everyone’s energy by valuing – even if it means making mistakes – personal initiatives driven by a common vision and avoiding diluting the responsibility of those who take them?

NextGen 2 pillars

We share the vision towards which organizations are evolving:

  • Aligned with strong purpose and culture
  • Where authority is distributed to unleash potential 
  • Which establishes a collaborative governance
  • Recognizable by a set of self-managed teams
  • Who use agile methods in their daily work
  • Who take care of its net positive impact on environmental issues

At NextGen, we value the effort and the initiative it takes to get started on this path to organizational transformation

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NextGen 4 pillars

Organizational agility is key to effectively manage this increasing acceleration and the complexity that goes along with it. Agile organizations who focus on their purpose are essential to improving employee engagement, developing sustainable economic performance, and being a champion of the common good.

Culture and values

Transcending time, people and organizations around a collective experience that brings value to all involved stakeholders.

Agility at scale

Successfully scaling up with agile methods and mindset to create an efficient workforce, streamline operations & save costs.


Balancing growth and the common good for sustainable performance and creation of value for people, society and the environment


Managing the complexity and speed of transformation through new forms of governance and management

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