Virtual Open Space – The NextGen Organizations in the face of crisis

The NextGen Enterprise Summit had to be postponed due to threats of an outbreak.

But here we are – 1 month later – for a virtual session, which brought together non-hierarchical, goal-oriented and value-driven organizations in a virtual space for a co-construction of non-hierarchical, goal-oriented and value-driven organizations that advocate greater eco-responsibility!

When we say: “Managing the complexity and speed of transformation requires new forms of governance and new management methods”, we mean it! Let’s take a step towards more flexibility, a spirit of cooperation and less ego-systems.

Having practised the concept of open spaces, we believe that we need to go further.
The NextGen Enterprise Net has been a proposal for a permanent non-physical meeting space, aiming at co-creating initiatives with the implementation of global solutions in a local environment. Let’s glocalize!

April 21st and 23rd
10.30am – 12.00pm CET 

Susanne Aebischer & Luc Bretones

In collaboration with TRNSTN (Transition) 


TRNSTN (transition) is an upcoming evolutionary organization founded at the innovation district blueFACTORY in Fribourg Switzerland which aims to join economy, ecology, culture as well as social aspects within an exemplary institution. Through a collaborative platform, promoting coherent initiatives, TRNSTN inspires people and organizations on their way to a sustainable transition. 
In 2020 TRNSTN launches a virtual open space and network in collaboration with the framework of ‘The NextGen Enterprise’, a web radio for experimental DJ’ing (TRNSTN RADIO) and a residency for critical artistic research (TRNSTN STUDIO). The autonomous projects are in a constant exchange and share common purpose, values and resources. 

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