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Q2 2022 issue

CSR in all its forms

Employees are demanding a strong CSR policy

As we enter the late spring of 2022, everyone is reminded of the wave of major U.S. job resignations, but also of resounding European examples such as Capgemini’s 26.2% attrition over the past 12 months. Nearly a third of the professionals surveyed by Korn Ferry in 2021 said they were considering leaving their job, even if they had no other job in mind.

74% of professionals believe this will only increase in 2022 such that 50% of all employees will need to retrain by 2025. One in seven employees is actively looking to change industries to a more promising one, according to ADP. Not only has the pandemic accelerated the digital maturity of companies like never before, but it has also profoundly questioned the very meaning of work and professional commitment.

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CSR: from a "plus" to the "heart" of organisations

Key figures

30 %

of companies with 10 or more employees expect CSR to help them better manage their risks

32 %

of companies expect CSR to motivate their employees

16 %

of companies with 10 or more employees expect CSR to reduce costs

33 %

of consumers choose the brands they consume based on their environmental or social impact

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