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With our series of masterclasses, taught by international leaders and pioneers, learn from those who have already taken action while connecting with a large community of alumni.

In addition to our NextGen Club premium contents, our Academy is a real opportunity to network with our wide range of speakers from all over the world and to study the experiences of the world’s most responsive organizations.


Unleash the full potential

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Making transformational decisions and putting them into action is not that easy, it takes time and energy to weigh different options.

Join the NextGen Academy and get everything you need to help you and your teams to make the change happen and succeed! 


For inspiration, training and action

Led by international experts and business leaders

Composed of 4 to 10 complementary modules

Sessions to share with other companies having similar issues

A successful balance between inspirational sessions and workshops

Occurring regularly throughout the year

Online or in person

In English or French

Over a period of 1 to 3 months, depending on the program

280+ Experts from a diversity of countries


The Series of masterclasses

Our English-speaking masterclasses are coming soon!

We take the time to design programs with a wide variety of courses, together with our experts and partners.


Serie "Walk The TALK" - #02

Diving into shared-governances

Language : English

Modalities : 100% online

Many organizations today suffer from the limitations of obsolete ways of working due to the mounting demands of complexity placed upon them by an ever-accelerating business environment. Classic top-down organizations are simply too ineffective in responding to challenges. At the same time they are stifling the creativity and autonomy of their workforce.

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Day 1, Friday, May 10

Day 2, Saturday, May 11

Day 3, Sunday, May 12


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